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Welcome to Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd

At Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd, we are at the forefront of transforming the landscape of
education and professional training through innovative solutions in Data Science, Artificial
Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Quantum Computing. Our commitment is to bridge the
gap between cutting-edge technology and practical educational applications, ensuring that learners
from all backgrounds can access top-tier educational experiences.

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At Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd, our stakeholders are the cornerstone of our mission to revolutionize technology and education. This inclusive community ranges from enthusiastic
students seeking to enhance their skill set in Data Science, AI, and beyond, to job seekers across various sectors aiming to pivot into IT and tech-driven careers. We also collaborate closely with academic and industry partners, fostering innovation through international internships,
student mobility programs, and Centers of Excellence. Our efforts are supported by investors and sponsors who share our vision of creating impactful learning experiences and career opportunities, making a significant difference in the fields of technology, education, and professional development. Together, we are dedicated to building a brighter, tech-savvy future for all our stakeholders

Stakeholders of Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd

Investors and Shareholders

These are the individuals or entities that have invested capital in Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd. They are primarily concerned with the company’s profitability, growth prospects, and the sustainability of its business model. Their support is crucial for securing the financial resources needed for expansion and innovation.


Employees are the backbone of Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd, encompassing a range of roles from administrative staff to high-level experts in AI and Quantum Computing. They are integral to the company’s operations and success, driving innovation and maintaining the quality of service that the company provides to its clients.

Clients and Customers

This group includes both individuals and organizations that use Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd’s services, such as educational institutions, corporate clients, and independent learners seeking to enhance their skills in Data Science and related fields. Their needs and feedback directly influence the company's service offerings and strategic direction.

Partners and Suppliers

Partners might include educational content providers, technology vendors, and research institutions that collaborate with Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd to develop and deliver its educational programs. Suppliers provide the necessary hardware, software, and other materials needed to maintain operational capabilities.

. Government and Regulatory Bodies

These stakeholders are responsible for the regulatory framework within which Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd operates. They ensure that the company complies with local, national, and international laws, especially in areas like data protection, education standards, and corporate governance.

. Community and Society

The broader community and society are also significant stakeholders. Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd’s commitment to accessible education means it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the technological literacy and capabilities of the community it serves. The company can contribute to economic growth and social development by preparing a skilled workforce.

Industry and Academic Institutions

These include other companies and educational institutions within the tech and education sectors. They may be collaborators or competitors, and they share an interest in the development of industry standards, innovation, and the expansion of the tech workforce.

Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs

Non-profits and NGOs focused on education, technology access, and workforce development might partner with Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd to further mutual goals, such as reducing the digital divide or promoting STEM education among underrepresented groups.

Meet Our Experts

Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd is comprised of experts and thought leaders in the field of
technology who specialize in a multitude of services aimed at enhancing educational and
professional growth,

Professional Training and Development: We offer specialized courses and workshops in IT, AI, ML,
and Quantum Computing designed to prepare individuals and teams to excel in the digital era.
Custom Software Solutions: Our tailored software solutions are built to cater to the specific needs of
businesses, enhancing their operational efficiency and technological capabilities.

Educational Program Development: We develop comprehensive educational programs that
incorporate the latest in technological advancements to foster learning and innovation.

Skill Dev Programme

Our programs are designed to transform you into a data science expert, whether you’re starting
from scratch or looking to deepen your knowledge in AI and ML. It aims to create skilled
practitioners ready to tackle real-world problems using advanced analytics and machine
learning techniques. We offer two flagship programs tailored for both IT and non-IT

This program
is designed for those who wish to
delve deep into the realms of AI and
ML, equipping participants with the
skills to tackle complex challenges
through advanced analytics. It
covers Python, R, machine learning
frameworks, predictive modeling,
neural networks, and the ethical
implications of AI.

Ideal for
beginners, this program lays a
comprehensive foundation in data
science. Participants will learn
Python for data analysis, statistical
principles, data cleansing
techniques, and data visualization,
progressing towards advanced
statistical modeling.

Both programs are supported by our commitment to a 100% job assurance, recognizing the
acute need for skilled data scientists. From beginners to aspiring experts, we guide you
through every step, providing personalized mentorship, hands-on projects, and
comprehensive career support to ensure you not only learn but also lead in the data science

Contact Us

How to reach us

  • +91 8821001009

What Our Students Say

Our Data Science programs have positively impacted many lives. Here's a glimpse into the experiences of our participants:


You can apply through our website by filling out the application form and
submitting the required documents. Follow the instructions for the aptitude test
and interview process

Yes, we look for a proactive attitude, basic mathematical skills, and good
communication. No prior IT experience is required for the ‘ Skill Development
Program cum Professional Training on Data Science from Scratch’ program.

The program covers Python programming, machine learning algorithms,
neural networks, data visualization, and more.

It starts with the basics of Python and covers foundational data science
concepts, ideal for beginners.

We offer mentorship from industry experts, career coaching, and student
advisors to guide you from course start to job placement.

Yes, we provide access to datasets, project templates, and tools necessary for
completing real-world projects and assignments.

You will receive a certificate from Mind Intellect Technology Pvt Ltd, and
depending on your program, additional certifications (paid/ free) in specific data
science skills.

Yes, we offer a 100% job assurance within six months post-completion. If
you don’t land a job, we provide a full refund of the program fees.

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